Anatomy + Asana Immersion - 35 hours continuing education

March 6-8th

At: Yoga Bliss Los Angeles

As a yoga teacher or practitioner, we’re always bumping into our personal understanding of anatomy as we explore the practice of yoga poses within ourselves and while observing others. Exploring our individual movement is one of the greatest takeaways of a consistent yoga practice. Although yoga isn’t just about anatomy, it is through our movement that we experience, interact, and connect to these deeper layers of our body. Knowing the fundamentals of the human structure can make a huge difference in our confidence when teaching or practicing; and it also lays an important mindful foundation for us to go deeper within our personal practice. Join Emilie Perz for a weekend of anatomy and asana. In this weekend course you’ll become familiar with the major muscles of the body,  how they perform throughout the yoga practice and how to properly engage and lengthen muscles for stability and suppleness. Each day will begin with a targeted asana practice followed by a lecture of the muscles showcased and how to sequence these muscles effectively in a class. You will also learn how to spot and rectify common posture mistakes to prevent repetitive stress injury and how to cue muscle physiology (contractions) to help strengthen alignment placement. Come build a foundation of knowledge that you can apply to all your practice explorations. This immersion will help you assess your individual needs while working in a group setting; and Emilie’s positivity and clear communication style make learning and applying these complex topics easy and fun!

Anatomy - Important muscle groups applied to yoga asana (Foundation Up)
Asana - How to incorporate anatomy intelligently throughout sequencing
Alignment - How to evaluate and consciously cue anatomy while in postures


March 6-8th

Friday 10:30-4pm
Saturday 12-6pm
Sunday 12-6pm

$325 for the Entire Weekend


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New Daily Online Classes

During this unprecedented time with COVID-19, I have temporarily transitioned to offering online classes Mon-Sat 10-11:30am. I have 2 types of online classes to choose from:

  1. Zoom live streaming classes: Monday-Saturday 10-11:30 am PST  These classes are great for staying connected to our community and staying motivated by having to “show up” and take accountability for your practice. These classes are offered at a bundle price point of $15 for four classes. Once you register you will receive a Zoom link to follow. You must download Zoom to use. Do not panic if you cannot attend the live-stream class. These classes are pre-recorded and I am happy to send you the links accordingly. Simply email me for the them. Keep them, share them, keep inspiring through community!
  2. Pre-recorderd Video classes
    Pre-recorded classes are good when you want to practice on your own at your convenience. These classes are available via my website by registering at the top where it says Login. Once you register, you will be taken to a page to individually purchase videos. These videos are shorter in time and cheaper in price at $3.99 each for one time viewing. These videos don’t expire, so use it anytime.Both types of classes are taught by Emilie Perz. Please email or visit IG: Emilieperzyoga
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