Hello Yogis, and Happy Summer!

What a month August has been! Per usual, I came home from Europe and resumed my jam-packed schedule. While abroad, I visited some new places in Europe and had my heart’s cup filled with friends and never ending laughter.

Prior to my departure, my beloved yoga teacher Maty Ezraty passed away suddenly while teaching in Tokyo. My heart couldn’t have been heavier. I was absolutely devastated when I heard the news. For me, to lose someone so fierce, knowledgeable, and wholeheartedly devoted to this practice made me question everything. What am I doing? How am I honoring Maty in my teachings? What do I want my legacy to be for my community? If you know me, you know what an independent person I am. I have always marched to my own inner beat, but this loss left me feeling depressed and desperate for commune with yoga friends who had shared in Maty's light.
And so I did that.
While in Europe, I reconnected with old Los Angeles teachers, other women, who had also been guided within the warmth of Maty’s expansive wings. I dove deeply into old recordings of Maty and practiced religiously everyday. What happened as a result was a gift: I simply began to drop my own L.A. baggage. The hangups about my insecurities in teachings and knowledge slowly began to recede. I shed the judgments I placed on my shoulders each day, and thinned out the mental weeds that previously stopped me from doing that which I desire. I sliced through my own illusions and bullshit to realize that I only have my own procrastination to blame for feeling stalled. Whatever “lack of time” I suffered from was a direct result of purposefully staying outwardly busy. Realizing this, through daily interactions with yoga friends, teaching workshops, and talking openly (without my usual boundaries up), helped me learn so much about myself, including what gifts I have to offer back to the community I love so dearly.
In my daily life at home in Los Angeles, I have a tendency to get lost in my schedule and to-do list, and end up spending way too much time alone, working. I have classes, privates, patients, workshops, social media, emails, classes to create, curriculum to make for Teacher Trainings and so many other things fogging my mind-space that detract from me accomplishing things that fill up my heart-space. This past month away presented an opportunity to unwind in beautiful places, with amazing friends, listening to my inner calling. Dreams that came to fruition have opened my eyes, and I am happy to be home with a new glow from interacting with so many fun and beautiful people from all over the world. I even learned the origin of my last name from a woman who attended one of my workshops! Crazy what unfolds in front of us when we open ourselves up to explore new things!
On the way home from Slovakia, my flight was cancelled; this was after the plane sat on the tarmac for over three hours. By 9:00 PM, over 200 passengers were queued up with their luggage, ready to speak with the airline representatives about new reservations. However, they couldn’t help us: all air traffic had been canceled for the evening. Frantic, I asked around for an iPhone charger, and to my wonderful surprise the lady next to me in line generously offered hers. We waited there for hours without answers. Finally, a few passengers - myself and the gracious lady next to me included - received a surprise email from the airline, rebooking us on the next flight out. I was grateful for the new flight, but panicked that I wouldn’t get accommodation for the night, as it was already past 11:00 PM, and the flight left at 7:00 AM. Furthermore, I had a workshop in Surrey the next day, a suburb an hour outside of London, at 2 o’clock that I knew was full and I needed to make it.
Frazzled and noticeably upset, Ursula, my iPhone buddy, invited me home with her for dinner and rest. My initial thought was, “No, don’t be crazy! She’s a stranger.” However, a quick text to my best friend, Zoe, calmed me: “You’re exactly where you’re meant to be,” she typed. “Embrace this random situation and have faith in everything."
Our interactions with others reflect who we are as individuals. Often, the people we gravitate towards are likely similar to us. This was Ursula. She changed my fortune, and we had a wonderful night and eventual flight back to London. When we arrived at Gatwick the following day, my heart raced under the pressure of making it to my workshops on time. As we exited customs, Ursula’s husband ran up to greet us. His next response was life changing: “Emilie, where do we need to drive you?” I couldn’t believe it. This amazing stranger, who had taken me in, fed me, and paid for my taxis, was now offering to personally take me to my workshops! Ursula and her husband’s generosity is the sort of thing we Angelenos have a hard time believing truly exists. However, just like that, my heart cracked open, and I was born again into my ultimate truth: that we are all here to learn from one another, while helping each person on their individual paths. More importantly, I opened up and learned so much about sincere generosity. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude after this adventure and the new things I’m imagining for myself and you, but I am still processing the insights and mapping things out one day at a time.
I am finally grounded here in Los Angeles for the next few months before I uproot again to Bali for my retreat (hopefully you signed up, yogi!). Here’s what else you have to look forward to:

  • Once again, I also have the honor of teaching the Anatomy Module for Equinox's 200-Hour Teacher Training in Los Angeles, to begin in September.
  • I’m also co-teaching and leading an incredible 300-Hour Teacher Training with the incredible Kate Duyn, owner and senior teacher at Light On Lotus in Mar Vista, starting in October.
  • Furthermore, I’m in the process of creating an incredible mentorship training for existing yoga teachers that will be available online very soon
  • Arm Balance and Inversion workshops are set for September 21st & 22nd at ROAM Silverlake.
  • Lastly, I am happy to announce that I’ll be offering a weekly class BY DONATION on my website to benefit an incredible charity every week. I have been wanting to give back somehow, and this is the best way I can think of. Please join and support me and contribute to great things, I’ll be launching my first class September 1st, and the classes will all be live streamed for a bit on Instagram but will also be available through my website membership for a limited time. Presently, I have everything I need, including more inner space and clarity. I really did miss the buzz of my L.A. community and am happy to be back, connected once again.

Do you ever find yourself spending too much time lost in your own world? Want some advice? Find a way to open yourself up to everyone. Ask for guidance. Talk to friends, strangers, or simply be alone and tune-in. That’s honestly what I did for this trip. And remember, we are all guiding each other back HOME.
Info on everything below. Much love and many blessings this season

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