LA Yoga Guru, Emilie Perz

I was raised as an only child in an interesting household. My father was a pot-smoking, alcoholic hippie who schlepped me to rock n’ roll shows and my mother was a....

I’m a movement specialist, and this is the best stretch based on your height

First things first: Everyone—and I do mean, everyone—needs to stretch. No matter how active you are, how flexible you feel, or how stiff your joints seem, consistently and effectively stretching your body is necessary for a long, healthy, and active life.

Chlorophyll Water Builds Community of Health Practitioners, Nutritionists and Yoga Teachers

"Potassium for replenishment to fight off fatigue, muscle weakness and to support your blood pressure and mood stability. Magnesium for blood sugar and regulating muscle and nerve functionality. Triphala for antioxidants and digestion cleaning and toning of the intestines."

Hello Yogis, and Happy Summer!

What a month August has been! Per usual, I came home from Europe and resumed my jam-packed schedule. While abroad, I visited some new places in Europe and had my heart’s cup filled with friends and never ending laughter.

Emilie Perz

I’m a yoga educator living in Los Angeles serving a global community with a deeply spiritual practice on optimal wellbeing and the benefits of self improvement.

New Daily Online Classes

During this unprecedented time with COVID-19, I have temporarily transitioned to offering online classes Mon-Sat 10-11:30am. I have 2 types of online classes to choose from:

  1. Zoom live streaming classes: Monday-Saturday 10-11:30 am PST  These classes are great for staying connected to our community and staying motivated by having to “show up” and take accountability for your practice. These classes are offered at a bundle price point of $15 for four classes. Once you register you will receive a Zoom link to follow. You must download Zoom to use. Do not panic if you cannot attend the live-stream class. These classes are pre-recorded and I am happy to send you the links accordingly. Simply email me for the them. Keep them, share them, keep inspiring through community!
  2. Pre-recorderd Video classes
    Pre-recorded classes are good when you want to practice on your own at your convenience. These classes are available via my website by registering at the top where it says Login. Once you register, you will be taken to a page to individually purchase videos. These videos are shorter in time and cheaper in price at $3.99 each for one time viewing. These videos don’t expire, so use it anytime.Both types of classes are taught by Emilie Perz. Please email or visit IG: Emilieperzyoga
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