LA Yoga Guru, Emilie Perz

I was raised as an only child in an interesting household. My father was a pot-smoking, alcoholic hippie who schlepped me to rock n’ roll shows and my mother was a conservative Midwest nurse...

8 February, 2020

I’m a movement specialist, and this is the best stretch based on your height

First things first: Everyone—and I do mean, everyone—needs to stretch. No matter how active you are, how flexible you feel, or how stiff your joints seem, consistently and effectively stretching your body is necessary for a long, healthy, and active life.

20 January, 2020

Chlorophyll Water Builds Community of Health Practitioners, Nutritionists and Yoga Teachers

Chlorophyll Water Launches Health & Wellness ‘Community’ Page on their Website. Chlorophyll Water is a plant powered purified water (carbon filtered, triple filtration, UV treated) enhanced by nature with the addition of Chlorophyll, a key ingredient and the vital green pigment in plant life...

15 January, 2020

Hello Yogis, and Happy Summer!

What a month August has been! Per usual, I came home from Europe and resumed my jam-packed schedule. While abroad, I visited some new places in Europe and had my heart’s cup filled with friends and never ending laughter.

19 August, 2019

Emilie Perz

Article by Chlorophyll Water

18 June, 2019


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